Activate Your Brown Account

During the activation process, you will set up an account to access Brown services (your Brown username and password). In addition, if you are eligible for Brown email, you'll be prompted to activate your email and set up a separate password to access Brown Google services including Gmail (email) and Google Drive.

Please note: this article only applies to faculty, staff, students, and sponsored IDs. If you are a Brown alum, click here for more information. Alumni do not need Brown ID numbers to activate their accounts.

To activate:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to continue through the activation process. Note that you will need to provide your Brown ID # - this article includes instructions on how to find it.
  3. After following the steps, you'll see a screen with your Brown username and your Brown email address (if you are eligible for email). You will need this information! Make a note of it in a secure location.
  4. Make sure your mobile number and/or personal email is on file so you can reset your password should you forget it. Instructions are in our article: Enter a Mobile Number for Emergency Notifications and Password Resets

After activating, you will log into most Brown resources with your Brown username and password. The exceptions are services provided by Google, such as email and Google Drive. You log into these with your email address and the separate password you chose for Google during activation. If you did not activate an email address during your initial activation (which is usually the case for staff and Brown applicants), you'll need to activate it once you are eligible for a Brown email address.

More information About Your Brown Usernames

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