Enter a Mobile Number for Emergency Notifications and Password Resets

Your mobile number can be used to receive emergency notifications as well as reset a forgotten password. To check whether your correct number is already on file, log in to MyAccountclick Manage Account on the top right, then Emergency Notifications. If it is not, you can add it using the instructions below. The locations below also allow you to add a personal email which can be used for password resets as well.


Enter your mobile number in Banner.

  1. Log into selfservice.brown.edu
  2. Click Personal Information
  3. Click My Personal Information
  4. Click the My Cell Phones tab
  5. Enter your cell phone number. You must indicate that this is your primary number by selecting Y instead of N.
  6. Your number will take a day to appear in MyAccount.

Faculty and Staff

Enter your mobile number in Workday and be sure it is designated as a Mobile number.

  1. Log into Workday
  2. Click the Personal Information icon
  3. In the text menu that appears below, click Contact Information
  4. Click the Edit button at the top
  5. If your cell phone is your primary phone, it might be already listed under Primary phone, but it MUST also be designated as a Mobile number (instead of a Land Line). If needed, you can click on the number and change it to Mobile.
  6. If your cell phone is not your primary phone, click the plus sign icon (+) next to Additional Phone to add it.  Make sure to select Mobile from the Phone Device drop-down menu, and enter your phone number.
  7. Add your new phone number by clicking Done.
  8. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

In Workday, your number can either be listed as Primary or Additional, as long as it is designated as Mobile.


If you are affiliated with Brown in a role other than a regular faculty, staff, or student, you can enter your mobile number in MyAccount. It will only be used for password reset, not emergency notification.

  1. Visit MyAccount and click Manage Account on the top right.
  2. On the initial page of information, scroll down until you see a place to enter Alternate Phone Number.
  3. Enter your phone number and save the page.

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