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Zoom and Google Calendar

Summary: When you schedule a meeting in Zoom, it’ll most likely end up on your Google Calendar. This is convenient! However, if you move or delete the Google Calendar event, the Zoom meeting is not altered, and if you move or delete the Zoom meeting, the calendar is not updated. Depending on how you use Zoom and how far off your event is scheduled, this may or may not be an issue.

Much of this article also applies to use of Zoom with Outlook or Yahoo calendars, but we are focusing on Google Calendar since it is the preferred calendaring solution at Brown.


How Zoom Events Get Onto Your Google Calendar

You can add Zoom meeting information to your Google Calendar in five ways:

  • Scheduling a meeting in the Zoom app and choosing “Google Calendar” as your calendar.

  • Using the Zoom Scheduler Plugin for Chrome/Firefox to schedule a meeting.

  • Clicking “Make it a Zoom Meeting” in a Google Calendar event (you’ll see this option if you have the plugin installed).

  • Scheduling a meeting at and clicking “Add to Google Calendar.”

  • Copying and pasting Zoom meeting information into a Google Calendar event. 


Altering a Google Calendar Event

If you move or delete a Google Calendar event with Zoom meeting information, the Zoom meeting is not altered. Likewise, if you update the meeting in Zoom, the calendar event is not updated. (This is the same with other conferencing systems as well.)


How to Address This Issue

There are two things you can do to address this issue:


1. If you alter a Google Calendar event, edit the Zoom meeting to match.

You can access your Zoom meetings in three places:

  1. After you log in at, under My Meetings.

  2. From the Zoom computer app, in the Meetings tab.

  3. From the Zoom phone/device app, under Schedule or Host a Meeting > Upcoming Meetings.


2. Recommended if you will be attending the meetings: Use your Personal Meeting ID when scheduling on your Google Calendar. Here are instructions from Zoom: Schedule with Personal Meeting ID (PMI)

Because personal meetings never expire and don't have a fixed date and time, the meeting in Zoom doesn't need to be updated if you move the calendar event.

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