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Zoom Web Conferencing FAQ

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Hosting a Meeting

Can I just use Zoom for an audio call-in number without using the web conferencing?

Yes! We have a document about the best way to set up Zoom for audio conferencing: Use Zoom for an Audio Bridge Line


Can I have someone else schedule a Zoom meeting for me?

Yes, on your profile page, you can allow specific people to schedule on your behalf. These people can also act as an alternate host for your meeting. Someone who is not your delegate could also schedule a meeting and check "Enable Join Before Host" so the meeting can start without them. The next question has more information about this feature.  Your Profile Settings page


What if I don’t know who will be hosting the meeting?

You may have an informal meeting or meeting series with an unpredictable group of participants. If you select the option to “Enable Join Before Host,” the meeting can start even if you’re not there. Since Zoom allows all participants to screenshare unless the feature is disabled in the meeting, your participants can easily collaborate without you. However, they won’t have access to host-only features like recording, mute/unmute all, lock meeting, or expel attendees. 


Do I need to do something to allow participants to share their screens?

As of March 27, 2020  Zoom default settings only allow the meeting host to share their screen. If you'd like to allow meeting participants to share their screens during all of your meetings, you can change this option in your settings at 

If you want to allow sharing during a meeting in progress, you can do this  in the advanced screen sharing options, which you an only see if you are the host of the meeting. Click the arrow next to Share Screen and choose Advanced Sharing Options. You can control:

  • How many participants can share at the same time (one or multiple)
  • Who can share (only host or all participants)
  • Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing (only host or all participants)


Can I lock a meeting once it’s started?

Yes, you can lock a meeting so participants can’t join, even if they have an invite / meeting number. You can access this setting by clicking the More button iunder the participant list.


Someone in my meeting has a barking dog / loud keyboard / feedback. What can I do?

Not sure which participant is making noise? The “mute all” feature will mute all participants microphones and will not mute the host's microphone. Participants will be able to unmute themselves unless you lock the mute. The Mute All button is under the participant list.


How many participants can join my meeting?

For regular Zoom meetings, the limit is 300 participants. If you require a larger meeting, please submit a ticket.


What are my options for recording a meeting?

Your meeting can be stored locally (on your computer) or in the cloud. For information about recording, see this Zoom Article: Recording a Zoom Meeting


Is my Zoom meeting encrypted?

Yes, all Brown meetings have encryption turned on by default.


Joining a Meeting


Do I need to download anything to join a meeting?

Yes, when you click the Join link to join a meeting, you will be prompted to download the Zoom software if you don’t have it already. You can do this from a mobile device or computer. You can download Zoom in advance by visiting and downloading Zoom Client for Meetings (computer) or the mobile apps.


How can I avoid feedback when joining a meeting?

The most frequent reason for feedback is that multiple people in the same room have joined the same meeting and have audio enabled. If you’re joining with multiple people in the same room, only have one person connect to audio, or call in from a conference room phone. The remaining participants in the room should just close the audio prompt without joining.


Can I call a Zoom meeting without being charged on my phone?

Yes!  Brown provides toll-free Zoom call-in numbers for your use if you regularly get charged for toll calls. However, we recommend joining a meeting using your computer audio if possible. This is free for you and for the University.  As long as you have good wifi, you'll have a strong audio connection.  You can also have the meeting call you, which avoids phone charges.

You can use the following methods to avoid a charge:

1. Have the meeting call your phone number.

2. Use computer audio.

3. Dial into a meeting using the toll-free number provided. 


Are international call-in numbers available?

Yes - they are listed here: Zoom International Dial-in Numbers


I have an H.323 room system. How can I connect to a Brown Zoom conference?

Use the IP addresses: (US West) (US East) (China) (India) (EMEA) (Australia) (Hong Kong) (Brazil)


I have a SIP room system. How can I connect to a Brown Zoom conference?

Use the meeting ID, for example,



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