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Students: Changes to Your Access After Degree Completion

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If you are completing an undergraduate, graduate, or medical degree this semester, you will receive an email describing what changes will occur to your Brown account, email, and other electronic services shortly before your the end of the semester.

Generally, the changes are as follows:

  • Your Brown username and password will continue to exist, but you will lose access to most services unless you continue at Brown in another capacity (see details below).
  • In most cases, your current Google account will be renamed from to, and will continue to contain all your current content (for example, email and Google Drive files). This process will vary if you are continuing as a student, faculty, or staff at Brown. For more information about what happens in the case of continuing affiliation, refer to the article Learn about Lifetime Brown Email for Alumni.
  • Within a month of completing your graduation requirements, you will receive access to additional services for alumni.

Checklist of Actions to Take Prior to Graduating

  • If you plan to use a personal email address for communications with Brown, please be sure your non-Brown address is listed as "preferred" in your Personal Profile on Alumni & Friends, or you may miss future updates about your services. 
  • When your email transitions to an alumni account as described above, you will no longer use Single Sign-On. Instead, you will use a Google-specific password that you can set at
  • Did you set up any online accounts with your address (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc.)? If so, update these accounts after you get Alumni email to use or a personal address of your choice. During this time your Brown email will still be forwarded to you, so you have some flexibility.
  • Did you have files stored in Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, or your Home Folder (the folder that shows up on computer lab machines?) If so, move your files to a personal account.
  • For Atlassian users (Trello, Bitbucket, etc.) signed up with your email address, please follow instructions on this article for Transfering Ownership of BitBucket Repository  
  • For Adobe Creative Cloud users who expect to continue to use Adobe services after you leave Brown, visit for details on migrating your cloud assets directly to a new account. Adobe will offer a discount on your first year of their paid service if you visit
  • If you purchase Microsoft Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions, you can log out of your Brown account and log in with your new username and password to continue using without having to reinstall.
  • If you have a LastPass Premium account, please be sure to review the FAQ here and ensure you have the premium account tied to a non-Brown email address:

You will lose access to these services:

We’d love to give you these services forever, but unfortunately we are bound by licensing! :(

  • After degree completion is confirmed by the Registrar (i.e. please assume you will lose these services immediately after graduating):
    • Brown Wifi (you can still use Brown-Guest)
    • Building access
    • Canvas
    • Library access (you can contact the library in order to request alumni-level access)
    • Library circulation
    • RIPTA access
    • Printing
    • Dining
    • Use of computers in computer labs
    • Software
      • Microsoft Office 365 will go into read-only mode as late as 30 days after graduation
      • Adobe CreativeCloud - please ensure you have all of your files from the Adobe cloud saved elsewhere.  Visit for details on migrating your cloud assets directly to a new account. Adobe will offer a discount on your first year of their paid service if you visit
      • Dropbox - please ensure you have all of your files from Brown Dropbox saved elsewhere
      • LastPass - If you have a LastPass Premium account, be sure you update the email address to a personal address (like your or a non-Brown address)
      • please uninstall all non-subscription based Brown software from your computer as well
    • VPN (if you still need access, email
    • Two-Step Verification
    • Zoom
      • Note: You will still be able to join meetings and accept invites, but you will not be on the Brown Zoom license anymore. This means you will not be able to create meetings without limits on length and capacity, as well as losing access to Zoom services that require a Brown login.
      • We recognize that current circumstances have often required access to video conferencing. We recommend either creating your own free Zoom account or trying out Google Meet, which is included connected to your Brown email and will continue to be available indefinitely.
  • 10 days after degree completion
    • Your address becomes (in most cases - exceptions listed here). You'll log in with the alumni address, same password as before. Your email, contacts, Drive, etc. content will still be accessible.
  • Three to four weeks after degree completion
    • You will have access to the Alumni Edition of selected library e-Resources through the Brown Alumni Association. See Eresources on Alumni & Friends for details.
    • You will have access to the full range of alumni services available through the Alumni & Friends website, including the Brown Handshake for Alumni Job Board and the Alumni Directory. See Alumni & Friends for details. 
  • 1 year after degree completion
    • mail to your address stops forwarding to your address and bounces back to sender
  • 18 months after degree completion
    • Access to Workday for tax records (former student employees only)

You will continue to be able to access:

  • Banner ( - for unofficial transcripts
  • Rosetta Stone (
  • (to manage your password)
  • Workday (for student employee W2 forms - ends 18 months after degree completion)

You will receive additional access:

  • MyBrown remains the portal to your new Personal Profile, the Alumni Directory, subscriptions, and volunteer tools such as alumni interviewing
  • Your continuing services are also accessible through the Dashboard: BrownConnect (alumni view), transcripts, Brown account, Handshake job board, alumni edition of library E-resources, etc.

Need more information?

For help with your Brown account/services, including MyBrown website login help, contact the CIS IT Service Center via email (, at 401-863-4357, or at 

Learn more about life after Brown on the Alumni & Friends website.

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