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Add Phones and Devices for Two-Step Verification

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These instructions assume that you are already using Two-Step Verification and would like to add additional phones or tablets. If you've never used Two-Step and are being prompted to complete the setup for the first time when you try to log into a Brown service, see this article instead: Set Up Two-Step Verification If Auto-Enrollment Occurs.

You can repeat this process for each of your phone numbers or devices. If you do not own a cell phone and regularly access Brown services away from your landline, visit the IT Service Center to pick up a token.

Part 1: Using a Smartphone or Tablet? Install the Duo app.

If you're enrolling a landline, or an older cell phone like a flip phone, skip to the next part. Don't have a cell phone? Request a token from the IT Service Center.

  1. If you are enrolling a smartphone (recommended if you have one), install the Duo Mobile App on the phone using the appropriate link: iPhone/iPad | Android | Windows Phone 

Out of room on your phone? Don't want to install an app? You can continue the setup anyway (skip step 5 in the next section, too). You will miss out on the ultra-convenient push notifications and offline features provided by the app, but you can still receive a phone call or text.

Part 2: Add Your Device or Phone Number

  1. Go to and log in 

    (if typing the address instead of clicking the link, make sure to include the "s" in httpS)

  2. Click the Add link appropriate to the device you are adding (for example, "Add Smart Phone" or "Add Landline").

  3. Provide information about your phone or device. For example, if I were to add an iPhone, I might fill out the form like this. The Device Name field is just for your reference. I chose the name "My iPhone" to make it easier for me to identify the phone in the future.
    International number? Add a + in front of your country code (for example, a German number would start +49). 

  4.  If you added a new landline or "non-smart" cell phone, you are done! 
    If you entered a shared phone number that is already registered by someone else, you will need to receive a text or phone call at that number to prove that it is your number. Read the text on the screen for guidance.

    If you added a smartphone or tablet, you need to complete a final step described here. You will see a QR code (black and white square) after submitting the form.

  5. On your smartphone / tablet, open the Duo Mobile app you installed in Part 1. Click the Add Account button or the plus icon on the top right of the app (on the Android it is a key with a plus sign).

    Allow notifications and camera if prompted. Hold your smartphone / tablet up to the computer screen to scan the QR code - it will happen almost instantly. 

Now your phone is paired with your Brown account! You can repeat to add more phone numbers or devices.

Part 3: If You Haven't Already, Generate Backup Codes

If you will be out of range of phone service or wifi (for example, if you are traveling abroad or working in a basement without service, or if you often misplace your phone), we recommend generating pre-generated backup codes to use instead of your phone. We recommend doing this right away in case you lose your device or are out of the range of service.

There are two ways to generate Bypass Codes:

  • Method 1: In MyAccount, click the button that says Generate New Bypass Codes. Click the printer icon above the codes to print a wallet-sized card.
  • Method 2: When on a Duo Prompt, click Send Codes (you probably haven't seen one of these yet if you're going through the instructions the first time) 

Important: Though a code can be used multiple times, every time you generate new codes through either of these methods, your previously generated codes become invalid. 

You can print these codes from MyAccount and keep  them in your wallet - we recommend duplicating them somewhere besides your phone in case you lose your phone. 

What happens next? How do I use this?

See the article Use Two-Step Verification For Your Brown Account to learn how to use two-step when you log into a Brown service.


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