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Accessing your @alumni.brown.edu account

Once your @brown account has been migrated to the alumni domain, log into Gmail with your @alumni.brown.edu address as your username and the same password you used for your @brown account.

About Your Alumni Email

All new Brown grads receive @alumni.brown.edu email addresses. For most new grads, full account migration takes place 8-10 days after your final semester. However, if you are continuing at Brown in a new capacity, your account set-up will be different.

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Graduating and not continuing in another role at Brown

In mid-June—or, for December completers, early January—your Brown account is renamed to an alumni.brown.edu address (e.g., josiah_carberry@brown.edu would be renamed josiah_carberry@alumni.brown.edu). You use this new alumni address to log in with the same password you used in the past. Your Google account continues to include your existing email messages, email contacts, calendar, documents, and sites. However some non-core services, such as YouTube and ePortfolios, may not transfer.

Mail sent to your original brown.edu address continues to appear in your mailbox for 1 year only. After that time, your brown.edu address no longer works and messages sent to that address bounce.

Because messages to your brown.edu account continue to reach you for only a limited time, start giving the alumni.brown.edu address to your contacts as soon as it’s active, and change your address in any online accounts that you may have set up using your brown.edu address.

Continuing at Brown as a graduate or medical student

If you are accepted and committed to a Brown medical or graduate degree program by the end of your final semester, you retain your @brown.edu account and all the data within. Your alumni account will be created when you complete the advanced degree program.

Continuing at Brown as a staff or faculty member

Because you will be using your @brown.edu account as a faculty or staff member, a new, empty @alumni.brown.edu account gets created for you. To access your alumni account, log in to MyAccount and follow the instructions to reset your lifetime email password.

You may want to transfer personal email, contacts, and documents to your alumni account. (Bear in mind that when regular staff terminate their Brown employment, their @brown.edu accounts are immediately suspended. Paid faculty and hospital-based medical faculty retain their @brown.edu accounts for 180 days after their separation date.) To move selected emails from your account to another email account, you can set up an email client (such as Thunderbird) to connect to both accounts and then drag and drop emails from one account into the other. See instructions: transfer email, transfer contacts, transfer documents.

Alpert Medical School: MD grads, residency alumni

Though the exact form your @alumni.brown.edu account takes is governed by the nature of your continuing relationship with Brown, as described above, from June onward, you are able to receive mail at both @alumni.brown.edu and @med.brown.edu. If you already have an @alumni.brown.edu account, the @med.brown.edu alias gets added to that account.


Need help?

Contact the IT Service Center - Alumni Help Desk at 401-863-9662  or email alumni_help@brown.edu. Their hour are available at https://ithelp.brown.edu

Last updated: 12/02/20


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