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Connect To Brown's VPN on iOS

Please make sure you are running the latest version of IOS before proceeding.  

Launch the App Store

Within the app store, search for F5 Big-IP Edge Client and install the app by that name--or you can click the icon below. You will be prompted for your Apple ID password.

The app will install and be placed on one of your home screens.


Launch Edge Client

Once launched, you will see a User Agreement prompt that you will have to press Enable to proceed; this will allow the Edge Client to create the VPN. You will now have to configure the app to connect to your VPN.

Click on the (i) symbol in the Configuration box and press on Add Configuration… A popup will display prompting for the connection information.

Insert the following information and leave all other settings as default:

Name: Brown
Web Logon: Enable/Check 

Click Save on the top right-hand corner of this popup and it will start the VPN connection. You can disconnect at any time when finished.

You will be prompted for your username and password upon connecting. It will also perform a two-step challenge. 


VPN on Other Devices 

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Connect To Brown's VPN on Android 
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