Connect to Brown's VPN on a Chromebook



Initial Setup

  1. In the Chrome Webstore, search for F5 Access and install it
  2. Open F5 Access
  3. Click the plus sign icon (+) to add a new profile
  4. In the form that appears, enter the following settings and Save
    Name: Brown (you can alter this if you wish, it's just for your reference)
    Server URL:
    Web Logon: Checked
    Client Certificate: NOT checked

To Connect

  1. Click the network icon on the bottom right of your Chromebook screen
  2. Choose "VPN Disconnected"
  3. Click "Brown" (if you chose a different name for your profile in step 4 above, you'll see the name you entered instead) 

  4. Log in with your Brown username and password. You will be asked to verify with two-step (unfortunately, Remember Me will not work here)
  5. The F5 window will show that you are Connected.

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