Use Two-Step Verification When Traveling

If You Have a Smartphone

A smartphone can be used to verify your login while traveling even if you do not have a data or internet connection. Here's how:

  1. Open the Duo Mobile app
  2. Click the key icon next to your Brown account
  3. The displayed code is a one-time use code that you can use as a passcode when prompted by Two-Step.

  • Again, this does NOT require any data or connectivity, it can be done when your phone is offline.
  • If you change your SIM card to an international SIM, this method of using two-step will continue to work without additional setup. However, other methods (like texting or phone call) will understandably stop working if you have a new SIM card.


If You Have an International Number

You can register for Brown's Two-Step Verification with an international number. 

It should be entered with a + in front of the country code. For example, a German number may look like this:


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