Use Two-Step Verification with a Token

Don't have a smartphone? Travel extensively? You might want to use Brown's Two-Step Verification with a token.

What is a Token?

A "token" is a keychain-sized device. If you push the button, it displays a number for you to type into the Two-Step Verification prompt.

Every time you press the button, a different number is displayed. Once you use the displayed number to verify, it cannot be reused. This is an offline device - no cell or data connection is required.

How to Get a Token

You can visit Brown's IT Service Center to pick up a token. They will set it up and add it to your account.

How to Use a Token

To use a token:

  1. After entering your username and password on a Brown single-sign-on page, you'll see the Duo prompt.
  2. Choose Token as your way to verify
  3. Click Enter a Passcode
  4. Press the button on your token. A number will display.
  5. Enter the number you see into the passcode area, and click Log In.

Tip: check the "Remember me for 30 Days" to avoid being prompted for 30 days on your computer's browser.

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