Use Rosetta Stone on a Mobile Device

Troubleshoot Rosetta Stone on Mobile here. 


Before downloading the mobile app, you must log into Rosetta Stone first in a browser and select your language at least once. For more detailed instructions for accessing the website, see our knowledge article Get Started with Rosetta Stone

To use Rosetta Stone on your mobile device, you must first have the app installed on your device. You can search for the app "Rosetta Stone" in your app store or click the links below:


Once the app is installed:

How to

  1. Open a browser on your mobile device and visit the appropriate link listed above.
  2. Click the “Launch Rosetta Stone Language Lessons” link to launch the app.
  3. Select your course and start learning.

If you leave the Rosetta Stone app, you will have to revisit the link above to re-estabilish your account within the app.

Known Issues and Notes

The log in system will time out after specific periods of time. It will ask you for a username and password to reauthenticate.  However, because we are using Brown’s Single Sign On (SSO) system, your Brown password will not work with the Rosetta Stone app's prompts.  If you face a session timeout, you will need to log in again by visiting the link in Step 1 that corresponds to your Brown affiliation.

The "Change Password" link in the app will not work because we are using Brown’s Single Sign On (SSO) system. If you want to change the password for your Brown username, you can do so at

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