Set up a Replacement Smartphone (same phone number) for Two-Step Verification

If you are switching to a new smartphone with the same number, OR if you added your phone number but never set up the app, follow these instructions.  

  1. Install the Duo app on your new phone: iPhone/iPad | Android | Windows Phone 
  2. From your computer, visit
  3. Log in with your Brown username and password
  4. Unless you selected "Remember Me" recently, you will see the Duo Two-Step Verification prompt. Since you don't have the app, choose to receive a Phone Call.

    Your phone will ring and you can press any key to verify. (Alternately, you could use a backup method like a landline or a bypass code - whatever is easiest for you).
  5. In MyAccount, scroll down to see your list of Registered Devices, and click the Reactivate link next to your smartphone number. You will see a black and white QR code display on the screen.
  6. On your phone, open the Duo app and click Add Account.

  7.  Hold your phone up to the QR code on your computer screen. It will automatically scan the code.


That's it! Now the Duo app on your phone is paired with your account. If you're new to the app, here's how the notifications will look on an iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.


For more tips, see

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