Sending and Receiving Encrypted Emails with Google Groups

Here’s what you need to know about sending an encrypted Virtru email to a Google Group. 


  • Don’t send encrypted email to groups unless necessary.
  • If possible, tell members of the group you will be sending encrypted email and encourage them to install the browser plugin.
  • Don’t send encrypted email to large groups.
  • Sending to other types of email groups, like ListServs, will not work.


What happens when you send to a group

When you send a Virtru email to a Google Group:

  • If your recipients have the Virtru extension installed (recommended), the message will be decrypted as usual.

  • If your recipients do NOT have the Virtru extension installed, they will be prompted to click a link in the email to Unlock.

    Then, they will be asked to verify their email.
    In this step, they should always select “My Email is not here” and enter their own address.

    Then, they can click the Login with Google button to verify their identity.

    If someone tries to verify the group address instead of entering their own email address, every member of the group will get verification messages and it will be confusing! 

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