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Remote Accessible Classrooms and Event Spaces

Media Services has adapted most of the Registrar-controlled classrooms to be remote accessible.    We added one or more installed camera(s) and microphone systems to the rooms listed bellow.  With this additional equipment the instructor is able to teach a class to both in person and remote students by utilizing Zoom.

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Hybrid Enabled Classrooms:

101 Thayer Street Room 116-ABase Installation
101 Thayer Street Room 116-BBase Installation
101 Thayer Street Room 116-EBase Installation
111 Thayer Room 112Base Installation (Dual Camera)
111 Thayer Room 114Base Installation (Dual Camera)
111 Thayer Room 116Base Installation (Dual Camera)
111 Thayer Room 138Base Installation (Dual Camera)
67 George Street Room 104Base Installation
70 Brown (Carr House) Room 130Base Installation (Dual Camera)
79 Brown Street, Room 106Base Installation
85 Waterman Street, Rm 015Base Installation (Dual Camera)
85 Waterman Street, Rm 130Zoom Room
ALUMNAE 104Base Installation
Alumnae Hall 212Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 141Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 153Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 155Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 157Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 158Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 159Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 160Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 161Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 163Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 165Base Installation
Barus & Holley Room 166Zoom Room
Barus & Holley Room 168Zoom Room
Barus & Holley Room751
Base Installation 
Biomed Center Room 081
Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Biomed Center Room 202
Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Biomed Center Room 291
Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Biomed Center Room B13
Base Installation
CIT Building Room 165Zoom Room
CIT Building Room 227Base Installation
CIT Building Room 269 Base Installation
Friedman Hall, Room 003 Base Installation
Friedman Hall, Room 101 Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Friedman Hall, Room 102 Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Friedman Hall, Room 108 Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Friedman Hall, Room 201Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Friedman Hall, Room 202Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Friedman Hall, Room 208Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Kassar House Foxboro Auditorium (125)Large Classroom (Dual Camera)
Lincoln Field Building, Room 209Base Installation
List Art Building Room 110Base Installation (Dual Camera)
List Art Building Room 120Zoom Room
List Art Building Room 210Base Installation  (Dual Camera)
List Art Building Room 220Base Installation  (Dual Camera)
Macmillan Hall Room 115Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Macmillan Hall Room 117 (Starr Auditorium)Zoom Room
Metcalf Research Building, Friedman Auditorium Zoom Room
Page-Robinson Hall 203Base Installation
Page-Robinson Hall 303Base Installation
Page-Robinson Hall 403Base Installation
Page-Robinson Hall 503Base Installation
Pembroke Hall, Room 305Large Classroom Audio Additions
Petteruti (201)Zoom Room
Rhode Island Hall, Room 008Base Installation
Rhode Island Hall, Room 108Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Rockefeller Library Room 412Base Installation
S. Frank Hall Room 220 (Marcuvitz Aud)Zoom Room
Salomon Center 101, De Ciccio Family AuditoriumZoom Room
Salomon Center Room 001Zoom Room
Salomon Center Room 003Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Salomon Center Room 004Base Installation
Salomon Center Room 202Base Installation  (Dual Camera)
Salomon Center Room 203Base Installation  (Dual Camera)
Sayles Hall Room 002Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 005Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 012Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 104Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 105Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 200Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 204Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 205Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 300Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 305Base Installation
Sayles Hall Room 306Base Installation
Smith-Buonanno Room 101Base Installation  (Dual Camera)
Smith-Buonanno Room 106Zoom Room
Smith-Buonanno Room 201Base Installation  (Dual Camera)
Smith-Buonanno Room 206Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Smith-Buonanno Room G01Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Smith-Buonanno Room G12Base Installation (Dual Camera)
Smith-Buonanno Room G13Base Installation
Smith-Buonanno Room G18Base Installation
280 Brook Street Room 101 (Stephen Robert Hall)Zoom Room
Urban Environmental Lab, Room 106Base Installation
Watson CIT Building Room 265 (PC Lab)Base Installation
Watson CIT Rm 219Base Installation


Only some of the spaces are equipped with Zoom Rooms technology. 

Zoom-Room requires no laptop.  Zoom Rooms are outfitted with Mac Mini computers dedicated to Zoom operation (requires dedicated network connection).  Software for Zoom is embedded in Crestron LCD control panel.  Requires installed webcam, microphones & speakers.  Full list of Zoom Rooms.

All other spaces are Zoom-ready: Zoom ready requires a laptop be brought to space.  Webcam, microphone & speakers installed.  Laptop is connected via HDMI & USB.

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