Recording with Personal Recorder for Mac

These instructions are for Mac users only, if you need instructions for Windows, see our article Recording on a Windows computer.



1. Launch the "Panopto Personal Recorder" program installed on your machine by selecting the icon in your Dock or the shortcut on your Desktop.


2. Ensure that you are signed in

  • Click the sign in button

  • Make sure to check the server is set to


  • You should be prompted to log in with your Brown credentials


3. Once signed in, you will be brought back to the main screen and can begin recording.


  • Click the "Create New Recording" button on the left.

  • Begin setting up your capture using the following options:


panopto mac recorder set up.jpg



  1. Set the folder for the course you wish to record to (You can select None “Record Offline” if you do not wish to upload to course right away)

  2. Give the recording a name (default is the date and time of the recording)

  3. Optional: You have the ability to live webcast any recording session

  4. Set your video camera source if needed from the drop down menu (Select None if no video is desired)

  5. Select your audio source (the recorder will notify you if you try to record without audio)

  6. Set your screen capture source from the drop down (you can record two screens if you choose to by selecting Secondary 2)

  7. Optional: The check boxes for Powerpoint and Keynote can automatically pull the slides, titles, and lecture notes into the online session as an additional source.  This will provide more robust searching. This is not required if you are capturing your screen, it is an optional feature

  8. Press Record to begin after configuring your settings. (or Press "Option + Command + R")

NOTE: In order to adjust the quality and resolution of the Video and Computer Source for the recording you will need to change the settings under Panopto ---> Preferences

It is recommeneded to use either High or Ultra for your recordings.

4. Recording will start automatically once you press the record button. A capture needs to be at least 10 seconds for it to be saved.

  • You can pause a recording by pressing "Option + Command + P"

  • To stop a recording you can press "Option + Command + R"

  • You can also control the recording opening the Panopto window from the dock and selecting pause or stop.


5. After stopping, you will return to the main recordings screen. Your recording will also begin uploading to Panopto automatically. (If you have auto uploads enabled under Preferences)



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