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Migrate your emails from to

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For most graduating students, this article is NOT necessary. Your email account will automatically change from a to an account. However, some graduating students might have other affiliations - for example, they may be continuing as staff. In these cases, they will receive an empty alumni account and can optionally move content to the new empty account. 

Both options are guided by Brown's email policies which should be reviewed here prior to any transfer, to ensure compliance with all Brown and federal privacy regulations.

Option 1: Google Transfer Utility

This option will wholesale transfer data from your account to your This method only works for transferring mail from Brown to another Brown email account. It will also transfer Drive files, Calendar events, and other services in the same Google account.

This procedure may take a couple of days depending on the quota on your account.

• Go to the Google Transfer Utility through Google Takeout
• Make sure you are signed into your Brown email account
• Provide the email address of the other Google account the data will be transferred to.
     • You will need access to this account to move forward.
• A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided with an activation code
• Retrieve the code by clicking on the link provided in the email sent to that address and plug it into the Transfer utility
• Indicate, within the Transfer Utility, what data you'd like to transfer over

The data will be copied; data will still remain within the account during the transfer. The utility may indicate the length of time needed for the transfer to complete.

The transfer will include all your email and any Google Docs owned by your account.

Once the transfer is completed, you should receive a message in your indicating the process was fully executed.

Option 2: Migrate from to

This will set up an ongoing connection that basically forwards any mail received at your account to your account. This can also be used to transfer to non-Brown email accounts.

  1. Login to your email account and go to settings to enable POP

  2. Lets enable POP on this account and save

  3. We are also going to turn ON, Less secure apps. Go to this link while you are in your account.


  4. Close this window and logout from your account

  5. Login to your account and go back to settings

  6. Go under accounts to add your pop account

  7.  On the next windows, make these changes. 

  8. After you click on Add Account, follow the prompts to accept or agree. Eventually you will see the Brown email show up on your alumni acount and emails will start syncing. This process can take some time, base on the amount of emails in your inbox and attachemnts. You will see the emails show up in the inbox with there labels on them so you can identify them. 
  9. FINISH.



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