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Matlab Total Academic Headcount (TAH) Toolboxes - Knowledgebase / Software / Installation Instructions - OIT Service Center

Matlab Total Academic Headcount (TAH) Toolboxes

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All toolboxes listed in the table below are part of Brown's Matlab TAH license. If you are using an operating system other than Windows, some toolboxes may not be functional.

Visit to view the system requirements for the toolbox(es) you need.

Add Products to an Existing Installation

To add products to your existing MATLAB® installation, run the installer for your release again and follow the prompts. If you cannot find the installer or no longer have access to it, visit the Downloads page on the MathWorks® website and download the installer.

During installation:

  • Specify the same installation folder that you used for the initial installation.
  • Select the additional products that you want to install.
  • If prompted to do so, activate the software. 
Core Toolboxes Add-on Toolboxes Licensed in 2012 Most Recent Additions to the TAH


Communications System Toolbox

HDL Verifier


Image Acquisition Toolbox

Simulink Design Optimization Toolbox

Symbolic Math Toolbox

Mapping Toolbox

Embedded Coder

Bioinformatics Toolbox

MATLAB Compiler

Fuzzy Logic Toobox

Control System Toolbox

Neural Network Toolbox

Matlab Builder NE

Curve Fitting Toolbox

Parallel Computing Toolbox

Financial Toolbox

DSP System Toolbox

Partial Differential Equation Toolbox SimBiology Toolbox

Data Acquisition Toolbox

Simulink Control Design

Aerospace Toolbox

Image Processing Toolbox

System Identification Toolbox

Aerospace Blockset

Instrument Control Toolbox

Wavelet Toolbox


Optimization Toolbox

HDL Coder

SIM Power Toolbox

Signal Processing Toolbox

Fixed-Point Designer

MATLAB Report Generator

Simscape Multibody

Simulink Desktop Real-Time

Matlab Distributed Computing Server - 32 worker (not a toolbox)


Global Optimization Toolbox

SimEvents Toolbox

Statistics Toolbox

Simulink Coder


Vehicle Network Toolbox


Simulink Real-Time

Robust Control Toolbox

Computer Vision System Toolbox

Simulink 3D Animation

Database Toolbox

RF Toolbox


Robotics System Toolbox




Audio System Toolbox (not yet available in public computing labs)

To obtain your Matlab TAH Designated Computer installer, follow these installation instructions.
To update your current Matlab TAH and take advantage of additional toolboxes, follow these update instructions. 

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