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Learn about Reference Copies

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A  Reference Copy is a copy of a Panopto video that refers to the original video’s streams, table of contents, captions, quizzes, and edits made in the video timeline but allows you to modify certain settings, such as the video’s name, folder location, description, owner, availability window, tags, as well as settings for discussions, downloads, copyright, and sharing options.

Frequently asked questions  

  1. How can I tell which videos in the video library are video reference copies? To the left of the video title, the video reference copy icon will appear.

  2. What happens if I edit the original video? Edits made to the original video will also be reflected in any of its video reference copies. Before you proceed with editing, a window will appear that shows the number of video reference copies that will be updated as a result of editing the original.

  3. What happens if I edit the video reference copies? Edits made to a reference copy will unlink it from the original video and create a standalone copy. The copy will  retain all of the viewer-contributed stats and metadata from the video reference copy, including viewer statistics, comments, notes, bookmarks, and quiz results.  Before you proceed with editing, a window will appear warning them that you are about to create a full copy of the original. You will also have the option to edit the original (source) video instead.

  4. How can I tell if a video has reference copies attached to it? In the video's settings, select the References tab. Any reference copies made of the video will appear under the section Reference copies of this video

  5. How can I find the source video of a Reference Copy? In the video's settings, select the References tab. The source video will be listed under Source video for this copy

  6. Can I make a video reference copy from another video reference copy? Yes, a video reference copy can be made from another video reference copy and so on. This creates a hierarchy of linked video reference copies that will go in the order they were created. If edits are made to the original video that's linked to the first video reference copy, subsequent video reference copies will also reflect the edits made to the original.

  7. Can I share a video reference copy? Yes, If you are a user with sharing permissions to a video you will be allowed to share the video reference copy with viewers, and those viewers will be able to see the video reference copy, even if they lack access to the original video. A user with sharing permissions for a video reference copy is not required to have sharing permissions on the original video.

  8. How do I make a full, independent  (non-Reference) copy of a video? There are three ways to create non-reference copies.
    1.  Unlink the reference copy from the source by going to the reference video editor and clicking unlink and edit in the pop-up window.
    2. Unlink via References tab under the video settings, select Unlink for the corresponding reference.
    3.  Create an initial full copy of source under the video settings Manage tab select destination folder and Create Full Copy
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