How to share content in Panopto

In Panopto you have the ability to share an entire folder of videos or just individual videos with a group of people or individual users or open for everyone with a link to view.


Part 1. Sharing a folder vs. sharing a single video.


There is one difference with how you choose to share a single video or a folder of videos and that is where you find the share button.


To share a folder, if you have appropriate share permissions, when you are at the folder level there will be four icons on the right hand side across from the Folder name



The first icon that looks like an incomplete triangle is the share icon. Click this button to open the share options window explained in Part 2.


To share a single video, that you uploaded or have ownership of, hover your mouse over the video and five options will appear. Click on the Share button to open the share options window.






Part 2. Sharing Options


Both folders and individual videos have the same share options. You can allow anyone to view or restrict to a group of users or a specific individual.


The share options window will provide a direct link or embed code, who has access to the folder/video, and the option to invite new users or groups:



The first setting to adjust is the “Who has access”. This can be set via the drop down to any of the follow:


  1. Specific people: The video or folder will ONLY be visible by those you add to the list.
  2. Anyone at your organization with a link: Anyone with a Brown log in can view if they have the link. Videos with this setting will not be searchable or appear in a users “Shared With Me” section
  3. Anyone at your organization: All Brown users will be able to search for and view the folder/video.
  4. Anyone with the link (Unlisted): Allows anyone on the internet that has the URL link to view the content. The video is not searchable on the web nor will it appear in a Brown user’s “Shared With Me” section.


If you Select Specific People for the share setting you will need to add or invite users to view the content.


There are a few options for selecting users and groups.


1. Searching by Brown username. Users will only be searchable if they have signed into Panopto before either through Canvas or via direct URL and agreed to the EULA.


To search for a user simply begin typing in their name or email and if they have used Panopto before they should show in the displayed list. (See below)


There may be the case when you wish to share with a user who has not logged in to Panopto before. In order to do this you need to share with their brown short-id proceeded by unified\ this will give them access as soon as they log in the first time.

Select either the suggested user to add them with no notification or Invite to view which will email the user a share notice.


2. Searching and Sharing by groups


In order to add a group you either need to know the canvas course name or an exact grouper ID. This will allow for sharing with Instructor, Students, or All.


If a specific desired group (or user) does not show in the search please Contact

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