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Import Content to Your Digital Sign (Old System)

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As of 2023, we are moving to ScreenCloud for digital signage. This is documentation for our old system that will remain available until all signs are on ScreenCloud.

So, you've created content and now you're ready to put it on your sign. This article is for you!

Access the Signage System

  1. From the Brown network, or using VPN if off campus, visit

  2. Select the Log In link and log in using your Brown username and password

The first time you log in, you’ll notice you have already been added to a group and a sign has been set up for you. 

Access Your Signs and Slides

  1. After you log in, you will see a list of your groups (the departments or organizations for which you maintain signs).  Select a group to view and edit signs and slides for that group.

  2. On your group page, you will see:
    1. Buttons to create slides (and signs, if your permissions allow it)
    2. A list of slides in your group
    3. A list of signs in your group

Import Slides

You can create signs in any image creation program. If you’re not familiar with image editing programs, it might be easiest to create slides in PowerPoint and export them as images. 

This article describes two ways to create images for your sign, using PowerPoint and Photoshop.

Method 1: Import New Slides to a Sign

  1. Edit your sign:
    From your group landing page, locate the sign you’d like to edit
    Select the pencil icon next to that sign to edit it

  2. Select Add new slide

  3. Choose a title for your slide

  4. Upload an image:

    1. Select the Browse button to upload an image to your slide
    2. Choose an image and select Next
    3. The name for your image will be set to the filename, but you can change it if desired
    4. Type in alt text for your image - some text describing the image content
    5. (You can leave the image ratio as is)
    6. Select Save
  5. You can change the duration for this slide. The default is 10 seconds.

  6. In the Scheduling section, you can schedule the slide to display during a date range or on selected days of the week. For more, see the Schedule a Slide for Specific Times section that follows.

  7. Select Create Slide

  8. Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom and Save your sign!

Now that you’ve imported your slide, it will be displayed on your sign, and also available to use on other signs within your group.

When editing your sign, you’ll notice that you have up to three slideshows. Most signs will use only one (the primary slideshow), but if your sign has multiple slideshow areas, you can choose which to use in the second step.

Method 2: Import New Slides Independent of a Sign (Supports multiple upload)

In most cases, you will probably want to import slides to a specific sign. However, you can also create slides independently of a sign by selecting the + Slide button on your group landing page. This creates a slide that can be used on signs in your group, but is not yet scheduled on a sign.

This may be useful for departments who have one person responsible for creating slide images and another who decides when and where to schedule slides. You also might use this if you want to store seasonal content that you’re not yet ready to schedule. Also, you might prefer this method because it's quick - you can upload multiple images and they're automatically titled based on the filename!

  1. On your group/department page, click the +Slide button
  2. You can either drag and drop files into the upload area, or click Add Files to browse your computer.
  3. Click Start Upload
  4. Once the upload has completed, click the Next button
  5. The slides are automatically named based on the image filenames. You can rename them here.
  6. Click Complete Upload
  7. Now, you will have to add them to your sign. Edit the sign and use the Add Existing Slide button to find and add your new slides.

Schedule a Slide for Specific Times

Adding scheduling information to your slide is optional. You can set a start date and time, end date and time, and specify certain days of the week to display your slide. The schedule will apply to all signs displaying this slide.

When adding your slide to a sign (or editing an existing slide):

  1. Select the Scheduling link under the slide information to expand the scheduling options.

  2. To add a start date or end date, click into the date field and use the calendar picker to choose a date.

  3. To add a start or end time, click into the time field and enter a time in 24-hour format (e.g., 15:09).

  4. To specify days of the week, use the checkboxes next to the days of the week. If you do not select days of the week, the slide will be shown on every day during your specified time period.

If you leave the scheduling section blank, the slide will display forever, starting immediately.

Reuse an Existing Slide

To reuse a slide that’s already been imported:

  1. Edit your sign: 

    1. From your group landing page, locate the sign you’d like to edit
    2. Select the pencil icon next to that sign to edit it
  2. Select Add existing slide 

  3. Start typing the name of your slide. When the slide you are looking for appears in the search results list, select it.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and Save your sign!

What's next?

After you've imported content, you can manage the content on your playlist(s) following the instructions in this article:

Manage your Playlists and Content

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