Import Content to Your Digital Sign

So, you've created content and now you're ready to put it on your sign. This article is for you!


  1. First, visit and when prompted, log in with your Brown username and password. If you're off campus, you will need to be on Brown's VPN to visit this website. See for instructions. 
  2. Click Import on the top menu.

    It's important to complete the next steps in order, so please listen carefully. 
  3. First, select the correct aspect ratio for your playlist. For most signs at Brown, this is 16:9.
  4. Next, click Choose Files and choose the File or Files you would like to add. These files should be images or videos - for example, in the format JPG or PNG for an image, or MP4 for a video. If you choose multiple files, they will all get the same schedule, in other words, they will display at the same times. If you want them to display on a different schedule, you can either split them apart later, by managing your playlist, or you can upload them individually instead.
  5. After you’ve selected your file or files, click Upload.
  6. Now you can choose a name for your message. This name will not be displayed to viewers, but it can help you tell your slides apart. By default, it’s set to the filename of your file. In most cases, this might be okay, depending on what you named your file. If you’ve uploaded more than one file, use the arrow underneath the image preview on the right to view and rename the other files. 
  7. Now that you've added your content, click Next on the top right.
  8. On the next screen, you choose when and where your content is displayed.
    The Pace determines how long the slide displays on your screen. The default, nine seconds, will work for most content. If your content takes longer than nine seconds to read, you should consider splitting it into two slides, or edit it for brevity. 
  9. The Show Duration area will determine the date range your content is displayed. The default is that it’ll display starting today, for one week. If you want your content to display indefinitely, you can choose forever. You can also choose a date range instead.
  10. If you only want your content to display on specific days of the week, click the repeat box and choose which days. 
  11. Under Display Period, you can specify if you want the content to display only during certain times of the day. 
  12. Once you’ve chosen your schedule, you should select your playlist. I see a lot of playlists here because of my special access, but you'll only see your own. Most digital sign owners only use one playlist. Choose your playlist and click Done on the top right. This will save your choices and bring you back to the home page.

What's next?

After you've imported content, you can manage the content on your playlist(s) following the instructions in this article:

Manage your Playlists and Content

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