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Embedding Websites in Panopto Videos

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How to embed webpages within the Panopto Player


Adding links to Panopto sessions allows you to include extra teaching materials within a video. Links may be embedded at any point in the video. When the video reaches the time associated with the URL, the player will pause and display the contents of the embedded web page directly within the Panopto player. When the user is finished with the link, they may resume the player by clicking the Play button.


NOTE: Not all website addresses (URLs) will work. The player only actively supports URLs using SSL so a secure HTTPS link is required.


In order to add a link to a video, you must first open the Panopto editor by hovering over the video to make the hidden menu appear, then clicking "Edit."

This will open the editor view in a new browser tab. Before adding a link, advance the video to the point where you would like to insert it.


Make sure that the video is paused, then select the "Contents" panel in the sidebar of the page (this panel is selected by default). Click the Link icon to insert your link.


This will open the embed creation panel. This panel has several important fields.



  1. Title: The name that will appear for the page in the table of contents for the session.

  2. Time: The time in the video at which the embed will appear. If left unmodified, it will use the current timestamp.

  3. Search Keywords: Keywords entered here will be searchable by the viewer. Entering any of these words in the search box will cause the table of contents entry to appear.

  4. Link: A link to the website you would like to embed. This website must use a HTTPS web address rather than non-secure HTTP.

  5. Save: When you are done making changes, click "Save" to finish. NOTE: Clicking "Save" does not publish the changes. They will not be visible to viewers until you publish your changes (described later).

For example, if you were to add a link to a Kanopy video in your stream, it will look something like this. In the sidebar, the name you chose for the link appears next to the time at which it will appear. When that time is reached, the main video is replaced by the content of the desired webpage. The user can now use this embedded site without having to leave the player. In order to return to the stream, they will simply click the play button (1).



When you finish editing, click the publish button in the top right hand corner to make the changes visible to all viewers. Panopto will have to re-process the video, so it may not be viewable for a few minutes after you publish.



Once you finish creating a link, you may create more links, add quizzes or insert YouTube videos.

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