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Embedding Youtube videos within the Panopto Player

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How to Embed Youtube videos within the Panopto Player


You may now directly embed full or partial YouTube videos within Panopto sessions that you have edit access to.


To start, hover over the video you would like to edit, revealing an options menu. Select "Edit" to open the editor.



In the editing page, select the "Contents" tab (this tab is selected by default). In the contents pane, click on the YouTube logo.

A new panel should open up on the right side, with the following fields:


  1. Link: The link to the YouTube video you would like to embed. For example, "" would embed "The Power of Video" in your Panopto session.

  2. Time: The exact time in the Panopto session to play the embedded YouTube video. For example, selecting time "1:00" will make the YouTube video start playing one minute into the session.

  3. Start: The time within the YouTube video to begin playing. For example, using "1:00:00" would start the video one hour in. If this field is left blank, the video will begin playing at the start of the video.

  4. End: The time to stop playing the YouTube video. For example, using "1:10:00" would stop the YouTube video one hour, ten minutes in. If left blank the video will play from the start time until the end of the YouTube video.

  5. Show YouTube controls: If selected, the viewer may use the YouTube controls, allowing them to access YouTube controls, such as closed captions, fast foward, and rewind. If deselected, the viewer may still pause and play the video, but may not change time or any settings.

  6. Autoplay: If selected, the YouTube video will begin playing automatically when the Panopto session reaches the video's embed time. If deselected, the Panopto session will pause and the viewer will have to press play to begin playing the YouTube video.


When finished press "Done" to insert the clip.


You may now insert more YouTube videos by repeating the above steps.


Once you have all the videos you would like to insert, click "Publish" in the upper right corner to make your changes public and visible to your viewers.

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