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Connect a Browserless Device to Brown's Wireless Network (Printers, Consoles, Smart TVs, etc.) - Knowledgebase / Network and Connectivity / Brown Wireless - OIT Service Center

Connect a Browserless Device to Brown's Wireless Network (Printers, Consoles, Smart TVs, etc.)

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The following documentation should apply to any wireless devices that do not have a browser: e.g. printers, smart TVs, Rokus, Apple TVs, Alexas, Google Home Minis, Game consoles, etc.


Brown-Guest and Your Smart Device

These devices are often designed to work with home networks and not a complex infrastructure that you see at Brown. Due to this, most of these devices will not be able to connect to the Brown (secure) network. Therefore, these devices will need to be connected to Brown-Guest. Although on a different network, devices on Brown (secure) can connect to devices connected to Brown-Guest.

On the device, follow through the normal process on connecting the device to the Brown-Guest network. If you need to setup your device using a smartphone, we suggest putting your smartphone on Brown-Guest while setting up your device. If it connects, then you're all set to use your device.



If your device is unable to connect to Brown-Guest, you will need to manually register it. Please do the following to make sure it connects successfully:

  1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to get the MAC address of your device.
  2. Once retrieved, power down your device and remove it from power. Removing it from power is necessary as these devices may still be connected to the network in their "off" state.
  3. Go to the following link, sign in, and register your device using the MAC address: 
  4. Sign in and click Create Device
  5. After registering, wait up to one hour and attempt to reconnect your device to Brown-Guest following the manufacturer's steps.


Still having issues?

Some devices see the Brown-Guest network as multiple networks; this has been seen on some printers. To fix this issue, you will need to change how it connects to Brown-Guest during the network setup. When you reach the network connection step, do not choose Brown-Guest. Instead, choose the add network manually option; this may also be listed as advanced network setup. When asked to provide the networks information: 

  • Network Name/SSID: Brown-Guest
  • Encryption/Network Type/Security: Open or None
  • The Device should connect. 


Another suggestion is that you perform any firmware updates on your device while using another working network. There may be fixes that the manufacturer has provided that could very well resolve your connectivity issues.


If all else fails, check the bottom of this article to see if your device has been confirmed nonworking on Brown-Guest. If not on the list, please contact the IT Service Center. We ask that you send us an email so that you can include the following information:

  • Device Make and Model
  • MAC Address
  • Location
  • Dates/Times when you tried to connect
  • Any Error Messages you receive (screenshots, if possible)

Devices that Might Work but all features are not fully supported ☹

  • Google Home/mini devices might work on our network.  Be sure to use a personal Gmail account.  DO NOT user your Brown Google account.   Also, make sure the device's firmware is up to date.  You may need to use a working internet connection to do this.

Devices that DO NOT Work ☹ 

  • Sonos Speakers
  • Philips Hue Bridge
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox 360
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