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Cognos Analytics Folder Approvers & Responsibilities

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This article is for users who approve (or deny) Cognos Analytics access requests.

Approver Roles

Cognos Analytics is a folder-based application. This means reports are stored in folders and users request access to a folder(s) that contains the reports they need.

Folders typically have a set of 2 approvers—someone who will review a folder request and determine if it is appropriate to grant access to the individual requesting it. 

  • primary approver
    main person who will approve (or deny) the request for access to the folder and related data
  • backup approver
    secondary person who will serve as the approver when the primary approver is unavailable (i.e. out of the office)

NOTE: If a folder provides access to multiple packages (data sources), a folder may have 2 approvers for each additional package.

Approver Responsibilities

1. Coordinate With Your Primary and Backup Approver Partner

If you are the primary approver, coordinate with your backup approver to approve requests when you will be out of of the office. 

2. Review Requests in a Timely Manner

The person requesting the folder may need access to the data to do their job. Be mindful not to delay in reviewing the request. 

3. Consider if the Request is Appropriate

You must determine if it is appropriate to grant access to the user requesting the folder and the reports and data it contains. Come to agreement with your primary and backup approver partner on the criteria necessary to make an approval.

You may want to consider the following criteria.

User criteria



Some folders are intended only for users in a specific department(s).

For example, the Registrar folder is only granted to users who work in the Office of the Registrar.

Has the user been granted access to a related application?

Some reports require the user to have access to the application where the underlying data originates.

For example, to gain access to the Departmental Reports folder for academic departments, the user first needs to have access to Banner. 


Some content is intended for users in a certain level in the organization.

For example, the OSP Senior Management reports may not be appropriate for an administrative assistant.

4. Approve or Deny a Request

You (both the primary and backup approver) will receive an email when a new request is submitted. Only one of you should respond.

Approval decision
Additional Action
What happens next?


Reply all to the email with the word APPROVE. No further action from you is needed.

When all other folders requested on the ticket are approved, the request is sent to the Database Administration team for setup. Once setup is complete, the user will be notified.


  1. Email the user directly and explain why the folder request is not approved.
  2. Reply all to the access request email with the following:
  • Type the word "DENY."
  • Copy and paste the email you sent the user, so the ticket is documented with an explanation.

Are there other folders requested in the ticket?

  • No—Computing Accounts & Passwprds (CAP) cancels the ticket.
  • Yes—CAP removes the rejected folder from the request. When all other folders requested on the ticket are approved, the request is sent to the Database Administration team for setup. Once setup is complete, the user will be notified.
Need more infoReply to the email with additional information that you need in order to make a decision.CAP will review your email and follow up accordingly.

List of Approvers & Backup Approvers

The following table lists the approvers and backup approvers for each folder. 


FolderPackagePrimary ApproverBackup Approver
Academic Technology Reports
  • Academic Technology services analysis
  • Academic Technology services
Catherine ZabriskieJames Foley
Alumni RelationsFinancial Records Charlene Sweeney
AthleticsFinancial AidSean FernsKelly Duffy
Financial Records Charlene Sweeney
Student (Departmental) Sherry GubataRobert F. Fitzgerald
Banner Security ReportsBannerSecurityChris GordonLinnea Wolfe
BioMed Sponsored Projects ReportsSponsored Projects Martha HagopianKerri Godin
Campus LifeStudent Sherry GubataRobert F. Fitzgerald
C-CURE Library Reports
NOTE: This is actually Brown Card Entrance Activity > Library.
C-CURE TransactionsKatharine T. BarnesMary Heather Smith
CIS Developers
Jennifer LaneJohn Spadaro
CIS Help Desk
  • BannerSecurity
  • User License
Chris GordonLinnea Wolfe
CIS Operations Center
Chris GordonLinnea Wolfe
CIS Salesforce Team
  • Admission 
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Continuing Education 
  • Financial Aid 
  • Student 
Monica MandevilleDanny Cordeiro
Cognos Activity Audit Reports (CIS Only)
  • Audit 
  • User License
Chris Gordon
Linnea Wolfe
Conflict of Interest ReportsConflict of InterestMartha HagopianKerri Godin
Course CartStudentSherry GubataRobert F. Fitzgerald
Course Feedback Reports
  • Course Evaluation
  • TPAC Teaching Evaluation
Besenia RodriguezChristopher Keith
Dean of College
  • Student Package
  • Student (Departmental) 
Sherry GubataRobert F. Fitzgerald
DOC RO Reports (DOC Office only)Student Sherry GubataRobert F. Fitzgerald
DOF ReportsStudent Sherry GubataRobert F. Fitzgerald
Emergency ReadinessStudent Sherry GubataRobert F. Fitzgerald
Faculty Affairs Reports
  • Faculty Appointments
  • Faculty Activity Reports (FAR)
Meghan HallJoel Revill
Financial Records Reports (Legacy)Financial Records Charlene Sweeney
Graduate School
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Admission 
  • Financial Aid
  • Student
Ethan BernsteinVanessa Ryan
Graduate School Reports for Departments 
  • GSIM
  • GSIM Post 2015 
  • Student (Departmental)
Ethan BernsteinVanessa Ryan
HR Legacy ReportsHuman Resources 

Kimberly Roskiewicz

HR Online Employment System Legacy ReportsHR Online Employment System LegacyElizabeth ScottoCourtney Pontbriand
IACUC Reports
(Lab Animals Reports is automatically granted when IACUC Reports is approved)
  • Lab Animals
Eugene MatulloKeri Godin
InfoEd Security ReportsInfoEd SecurityMartha HagopianKerri Godin
Institutional Equity and Diversity ReportsStudentSherry GubattaRob Fitzgerald
n/a—folder ownerTim Harrigan
Institutional Researchn/a—folder ownerTracy BarnesKaren Baptist
AdmissionJulia BengocheaTony Sylvester
FacultyAppt DataSourceTracy Barnes
(delegated by Meghan Hall)
Karen Baptist
(delegated by Meghan Hall)
Student Tracy Barnes
(delegated by Rob Fitzgerald)
Karen Baptist
(delegated by Rob Fitzgerald)
IRB ReportsIRB Ita Irizarry Keri Godin
Lab Animals ReportsLab AnimalsEugene MatulloKeri Godin
Labor Distribution ReportsLabor Distribution Charlene Sweeney
Medical School OAFA
  • Admission 
  • Financial Aid
Carol-Ann Del PicoLinda Gillette
  • Student 
  • Student (Departmental) 
Carol-Ann Del PicoLinda Gillette
School of Professional Studies Reports
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Continuing Education
  • Financial Aid
  • Student
Monica Mandeville

School of Professional Studies Reports for Departments
  • Admission
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Continuing Education
  • Financial Aid
  • Student
Monica Mandeville

ProvostFinancial Records Charlene Sweeney
RAIS Senior Management ReportsFinancial RecordsMartha HagopianKerri Godin
RAIS Sponsored Projects Reports
  • Financial Records 
  • Sponsored Projects
Martha HagopianKerri Godin
Provost Financial RecordsFinancial Records Charlene Sweeney
Sara E Walsh
Real Estate (Financial Records)Financial Records Charlene Sweeney
Registrars Office
  • Student (Departmental)
  • Student
Sherry GubataRobert F. Fitzgerald
Registrar Office Reports for Departments

Student (Departmental)

Sherry GubataRobert F. Fitzgerald
Scheduling OfficeEvent Scheduling Lisa MatherRobert F. Fitzgerald
Scheduling Office Reports for DepartmentsEvent Scheduling Lisa MatherRobert F. Fitzgerald
School of Public Health Sponsored Projects ReportsSponsored Projects Martha HagopianKerri Godin
Sponsored Projects Reports for DepartmentsSponsored Projects Martha HagopianKerri Godin
Student Accounts
  • Accounts Receivable
  • CASHNet v.522 and 5 SAR   
Wynette J. Richardson
Student Health Insurance Reports
  •  Accounts Receivable
  • CASHNet v.522 and 5 SAR  
Wynette J. Richardson

UG FinAid SharedFinancial Aid Kelly DuffySean Ferns
Undergraduate AdmissionAdmission Julia BengocheaTony Sylvester

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