Work with Grants and Grant Periods

All awards in UFunds are structured in two levels— “grants” and “grant periods.” “Grants” are the parent containers, and are where descriptive information is stored. Each grant will have one or more “grant periods.” These grant periods are where the detailed specifications for applications are stored, and they are what users actually apply to.

The UFunds home page initially displays grant names, and when you click on a grant you will see both additional details about the grant as well as the individual grant periods that are currently active.

The most common way grant periods are organized is by date. For example, many opportunities are only open once per year or per term. These might have grant periods such as “My Opportunity 2018” or “My Opportunity, Spring 2019.” However, there is no restriction on how you organize your grant periods. In some cases, there may be different grant periods open at the same time. For example, the Fulbright Fellowship has separate teaching and research applications. These may be available at the same time, but with different names and forms.

Grant Options in UFunds

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