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Windows 10 - What Works?

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Last updated: 2/9/2016

Windows 10 is compatible with most CIS services and can be used by most members of the Brown community without issue. Due to some incompatibilities, CIS considers Windows 10 to have limited support. The IT Service Center will provide limited assistance with software and services running on Windows 10.

Those choosing to install Windows 10 should perform a fresh install rather than an upgrade. If you are already using Windows 10, we recommend you apply current Windows updates as they become available from Microsoft.

Known Issues

CIS is aware of the following issues with Windows 10:

  • Windows 10 comes with a new default browser called Edge. Edge may not work with some Brown services, so we recommend installing the browser you have used with those services in the past (such as Chrome or Firefox) instead of using Edge.
  •  The latest VPN client works on Windows 10. CIS Recommends that you connect to the VPN to update your software or uninstall the VPN client before you upgrade to Windows 10.
  • If you rely on an application that uses Java plugins and applets in a web browser, you might have issues using these applications in Windows 10, especially in the Chrome and Edge browsers. Known applications with this issue include Cognos and Banner for Administrators (INB).  
  • The version of Internet Explorer available in Windows 10 does not work with Brown’s few remaining administrative applications that require Internet Explorer.

If new issues arise as we continue testing Brown's software and services, updates will be provided on this page.



Compatibility Table

The table below describes software and services that were tested on beta versions of Windows 10:

  • An "X" in the column titled "Works As Is" requires no special consideration to install, run or uninstall the software.
  • An "X" in the "Exceptions" column means the software may be able to run with some user intervention. Notes for exceptions will appear in the "Comments" column.
  • An "X" in the "Does Not Work" column means the software is not compatible with Windows 10.

Please note that all functions of applications may not have been tested. Testing of operating system updates are ongoing. Please report any functionality issues to the IT Service Center.


Name Works AS IS Exceptions Does NOT work Comments
25Live X      
7-Zip X      
AirMedia X      
Acrobat Pro XI X      
Acrobat Reader 11 X      
Adobe Reader Plug-in X      
Adobe After Effects CC X      

Adobe Bridge CC

Adobe CS6 Design Premium X      
Antidote   X   Does not work with Office 2016 on all operating systems. The integration app opens a window that is grayed out. Antidote works with .txt files.
Appworx X      
ArcGIS 10.3 X      
ArcGIS 10.2 X      
Adobe Audition CC X      
Camtasia Studio 8.5 X    


ChemBioDraw Ultra (current) X      
Cisco Jabber Video for Telepresence   X   Graphics driver updates may be required
Contibute X      
Cyberduck X      
Dreamweaver CC X      
Echo360 Personal Capture 5.4 X      
Edge Animate CC X      
EndNote X7 X      
Excel 2013 X      
Excel Viewer X      
FileMaker Pro 13 X      
FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced X      
Firefox ESR X      
Fireworks CS6 X      
Flash CS6 X      
Flash Player X      
Flash Pro CC X      
Foxit Reader X      
Google Chrome X      
Hyper-V 2012 R2/8.1  hosting X      
Identity Finder 6.2 X      
Illustrator CC X      
Illustrator CS6 X      
InCopy CC X      
InDesign CC X      
InDesign CS6 X      
iTunes (current) X      
Java Client   X   Firefox is recommended browser. Some plugins and applets may not work.
JMP Academic Suite 11.2 X      
Kaleidagraph X      
KEdit X      
KeyAccess X      
LabVIEW 2013 X      
Lightroom CC X      
Logger Pro 3.7 X      
LyX X      
Mac OS Parallels hosting Windows   X   Some users have experienced rendering and scaling issues with the Retina display.
Mac OS Virtual box hosting Windows X      
Mainframe Access - x3270 X      
Maple 2015 X      
Maple 18 X      
Mathematica 10 X      
Mathematica Online X      
Matlab 2015a/2015b X      
Matlab r2014b X      
Media Encoder CC X      
Microsoft Developer Tools X      
Microsoft Office 2013 X      
Microsoft Office 365 X      
Microsoft Security Essentials     X Not needed. Replaced by Windows Defender.
Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager X      
MikTeX X      
MobaXterm X      
Muse CC X      
NAG ASLI Software Suite       .
NVivo 10 X      
OpenOffice 4.1.1 X      
Opera (current) X      
Oracle Forms Builder X      
Oracle Enterprise Manager (GRID) X      
Oracle SQL Developer X      
PCTeX 6 X      
Photoshop CC X      
Photoshop CS6 X      
Powerpoint 2013 X      
Powerpoint Viewer X      
Prelude CC X      
Premier Pro CC X      
Printing - Canon ImageRunners   X   Driver updates may be needed.
PuTTY SSH X      
QuickTime Player X      
RealPlayer SP X      
Respondus LockDown Browser X      
SAS 9.4   X SAS® 9.4 TS1M3 and higher is supported on Windows 10. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, and Firefox. The Microsoft Edge browser is not supported at this time. 
Shockwave Player     X Not supported on this operating system
Sibelius 7 X      
Sigmaplot X      
Simulation Studio X      
SPSS 22      X  SPSS version 23 is supported by IBM.
S-Plus X      
SpeedGrade CC X      
Sqldeveloper X      
Stat/Transfer X      
Stata SE 14 X      
System Center Endpoint Protection     X Not needed. Windows Defender is part of the Windows 10 operating system and can be used for Brown-owned computers. 
Tableau Desktop X      
Tableau Server   X   Use vendor supported browsers.
Tecplot 2015 X      
Visual Studio (current) X      
VMWare X      
VPN - F5 Desktop Client X      
Windows Defender X      
WinSCP X      
Wolfram | Alpha Pro X      
Word 2013 X      
Word Viewer X      
Xming X      
Zip Genius/Zip Opener X      


Name Works AS IS Exceptions Does NOT work Comments
Automated Lecture Capture X      
Banner (BDMS Web) X      
Banner (BRM)   X   Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 are recommended browsers
Banner (INB)   X   Requires Java Plugin
Banner (Luminis) X      
Banner (Recruiter)   X   Works only with Internet Explorer. Requires Silverlight plug-in
Banner (Self-Service) X      
Banner (XE)   X   Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 are recommended browsers
Banner (WorkFlow)   X   Works only with Internet Explorer
BAT X      
Blogs X      
Brown-Guest X      
Canvas X      
CIS TeamViewer QuickSupport 8 X     V. 10 (from vendor website) is untested
ClearPass 802.1x X      
Cloudpath X      
Coeus Premium X      
Coeus Lite X      
Cognos   X   Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 are recommended browsers
COI X   X   Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended browsers
Dept. File Services (   X   Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended browsers
Dept. File Services (\dfs) X      
Dimensions   X   Java plug-in is unsupported
Drupal X      
EduRoam X      
Fileway (   X   Basic functionality tested. Draft files/upload feature does not work in Edge.
FIS X      
Gmail X      
Healthquest   X   Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended browsers
IPTV   X   Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended browsers
Kronos   X   Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended browsers
Library Reverse Proxy ( X      
Mainframe X      
Mediacore Online Movies X      
MyAccount X      
MyConnection (   X   Google Chrome is recommended browser
Odyssey - Thick Client     X Will not install. Vendor has no plans to update for Windows 10.
Odyssey - Web Access X      
PAWPrints (Pharos) Printing X      
Pinnacle X      
Qualtrics Survey Tool X      
RemedyWeb   X   Google Chrome is recommended browser
Remote Tools (SCCM, SQL Mgt console, Xen/Citrix Tools X      
SCCM (System Management) X      
Shibboleth X      
SSL VPN X      
Touchscreen device X      
WebEx   X   Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended browsers (Brown SSID) X      
Wikis X      
Windstar     X Vendor must update the desktop client
Wired Connectivity X      
Wireless Connectivity X      
Workday   X   Google Chrome or Firefox are recommended browsers
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