Using Zoom for Office Hours

To Schedule Office Hours

Once you have set up your Zoom account and installed Zoom on your computer, you can configure Zoom to hold office hours. 

To schedule your office hours, follow the steps to set up a Zoom meeting from within your course in Canvas: 

  1.  Open your course in Canvas. 
  2. Update the Canvas Course Navigation with the Zoom course tool.
  3.  From the left menu, click Zoom.
  4. Click Schedule a New Meeting.
    1. In the Topic header, name your Zoom meeting “Office Hours.”
    2. Under Time Zone, check the “Recurring meeting” checkbox, then from the “Recurrence” drop-down menu, select NoFixedTime. (This will generate a meeting link that can be used at any time and will expire after 365 days.)
    3. Under Meeting Options  
      • Deselect Enable join before host. (Students who join the meeting before you will see a notice to wait.)
    4. Under Security Options
      • Select Enable waiting room.
    5. Click Save.
  5. Once your meeting has been created, you may: (a) copy the Invite Attendees Join URL ( and share it with your students via an Announcement or email; (b) click the Copy the invitation link to copy and send the meeting information listed to your students via an Announcement or email; or, (c) tell students to access the meeting by clicking Zoom from the Canvas menu. In your message, make sure to also state when you will hold your office hours.

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