User Roaming Profile Reset

If you are instructed by IT staff to reset your roaming profile, follow the steps below.

To reset roaming profile, you need to use a NON-Roaming computer, which can be: 

  • Your own Windows laptop/desktop
  • Computers in CIS cluster (login with your Brown ID)
  • Computers in your own departments, such as School of Engineering
    • Kiosk computer outside BH742 (login with your Brown ID)
    • Non-roaming Workstations in BH191, 196... (login with your Brown ID)
  1. Login with your Brown username/password, open Windows Explorer and then go to \\\Profiles$\username (Note: If you are on your own computer, you will be prompted to enter username/password. You should type your username in the following format: AD\jcarberr (if your Brown username is 'jcarberr').
  2. A folder named after your Brown username will show. This is your profile folder. Click it to open. You will see a sub-folder named "winprofile.v2."
  3. Open another Windows Explorer and go to \\\home\username, click open your "MyDocuments" folder.
  4. Cut the "winprofile.v2" folder and Paste it into the "My Documents" folder.
  5. Your profile folder should now be empty. If not, delete all files.
  6. You have just reset your roaming profile. A new pofile will be created on your next login on any roaming computers.


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