Use the MyPrint Website to Release Print Jobs from Your Desk

If you forgot your Brown ID, have mobility issues, or are printing a very large document, you may be interested in releasing a print job from your desk using the MyPrint website. 

When you follow these steps, the print job will appear at the printer immediately (without having to swipe your Brown ID). For this reason, you should not use this method for confidential documents

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Brown wifi network (if on campus) or VPN (if off campus).
  2. Visit
  3. Log in with your Brown username and password.
  4. Choose "Jobs Pending Release" from the left menu.
  5. You will see a list of all documents you've sent to MyPrints in the last 24 hours. Either click Release All to send all to the printer, or click the Print link next to an individual document.
  6. You will be presented with a list of printers. Click a printer name to select that printer. 
  7. Your printout will immediately be sent to that printer. It will appear without you having to swipe your ID.

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