Submit a Help Ticket to the IT Service Center

You can submit tickets to the IT Service Center by visiting the ITHelp website and clicking on the Submit a Request button.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Submit a Request
  3. Click on Log In if you're Brown University faculty, staff, or student.
  4. Provide a ticket subject. This is a brief one-sentence line to sum up your problem. You must enter 5 or more characters.
  5. Chose a Request Type. For a standard help request to CIS, choose IT Help Request. All request types are elaborated below. Additional fields may appear and may be required in other request types.
  6. Your name and default email address should already be pre-populated if you've signed in. If you're not affiliated with the university, provide this information.
  7. Provide as much detail in the additional details field.
  8. Upload a screenshot or attachment if needed.
  9. Click Submit

Learn about the Request Types here.

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