Setting Availability in Panopto

All folders and files in Panopto can have availability settings customized to fit specific needs. The default for all newly created content is that it is available immediately to any users with access.

You can change release dates, end dates, as well as require approval before release.

To adjust these setting you will first need to open the settings window:

For Folders this can be found by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the folder view.

For individual files this can be found by hovering your mouse over the session until the Settings button appears.

In the next window click on the Settings tab on the left side

Scrolling down to the bottom you will see an Availability Section where you will see several options:

  1. When approved by a publisher - this will require someone with Publish access to approve the uploaded file(s) before Viewers can see them
  2. immediately - the default allows for all new uploads to be automatically available to Viewers
  3. never (unless set on the session) - this is for folders, new content won't be available to Viewers until the individual files settings are changed
  4. starting on - designate a start date for when Viewers will be able to start accessing the content
  5. Remains available - this can be forever (default) or can be a specific date that the file becomes unavailable to viewers.

Publishers will receive an email requested approval for the new content. An individual or multiple user(s) can be designated as having permissions to Publish by adjusting their permissions in the Share Settings Window 

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