See Who's Looking at Your Tableau Server Content

If you are a licensed Tableau Desktop user that publishes to Tableau Server, ever wondered who is looking at your visualizations and how often?

Check out the following Tableau Server tools in to give you insight on the usage of your content.

View's (All-time)

Navigate to a view, and notice the View's (All-time) count. 

To change this to a limited time frame, next to Views (All-time), click the drop down arrow and then select your time frame

Who Has Seen This View?

You can view a list of users who have seen a view, including the last viewed date and times viewed.

Next to a view, click the ellipsis, and then select Who Has Seen This View?

Workbook Utilization Project

In Tableau Server, publishers have access to the Workbook Utilization project to take a deeper look at content usage in their project(s).

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