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Request to be Reimbursed for PAWPrints Issues

CIS and the Library will reprint a document if the reason it did not print, or was smudged during printing, was due to a mechanical problem with the printer or a problem with the PAWPrints software. Reprints will not be issued to users who print the wrong document or have their document incorrectly formatted.  Users must include the print output with any request for a reprint due to unacceptable print quality.

To obtain a reprint, either:

  • Approach a lab consultant or Reference Librarian with your output and request a free reprint.  
  • If a lab consultant or Reference Librarian is not available, take your output to the CIS Help Desk in the CIT during business hours and request a reprint. NOTE: Cluster printers are configured to cease printing if the toner levels are too low to produce an acceptable print image 

NO CASH REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE ISSUED under any circumstances. We will REPRINT your document as long as it meets the requirements above.

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