Request an Email Alias


  1. Submit a ticket on our IT Help page.
  2. Choose Category: ACCESS Request
  3. Choose APPLICATION List
  4. Fill in the field called "EMAIL ALIAS" with your preferred alternate email*
  5. Once approved, Computing Accounts and Passwords will add the alias added to your account


  1. Login into MyAccount then click on Email Aliases -- or you can click here.
  2. Add the email alias you'd like*; up to four.
  3. Click Save

*The alias you request may not be available. 


  • You will not be able to test your alias from your own account. If you would like to test your alias, please use another account. 
  • After you have set up an alias, you can create the illusion that it is your primary address by automatically replying to email using that address: Send Mail From An Alias Or Second Email Address

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