Request a Brown Account for an Affiliate

Many departments request ID cards and electronic services for individuals who are not regular students, faculty or staff (a.k.a. affiliates). Here’s an overview of the process. 

Types of Requests

  • Formal University appointments for visiting faculty can be requested through the appropriate faculty administration office, such as the Dean of the Faculty orBioMed Faculty Affairs. These appointments will automatically receive services granted to regular faculty.

  • All other affiliate types will be known as "Sponsored IDs" and services can be requested by department managers or their delegates using the Brown Card Office's online request form which is part of Sponsored IDs must be renewed annually prior to expiration. 

    Who can request Sponsored IDs? To request or change a sponsored ID, you must be on the approved list of requestors, which consists of department managers and their delegates.  If you are not authorized to request a Sponsored ID, you will not have access to the form. If a department would like to add a new staff member to the approved list of requestors, they can do so by filling out an access request ticket and choosing Departmental Identity Admin (DIA) from the list of applications. 

    The article Request a Sponsored ID demonstrates how to fill out the form.

Services Available for Sponsored IDs

When filling out the Sponsored ID request form, you can request individual services. Please request only what is needed by your affiliate based on their relationship with Brown, and also note that services requiring approval involve additional processing time.

  • Services which do not require approval

    • ID Card

    • Network Access (Wireless, VPN, Electronic Services, Printing, Shared Drives etc.)

    • Library Building Access

    • Library e-Resources (access to online journals and databases)

  • Services which require approval:

    • Google Apps account with email address

    • Software Downloads

    • Library Circulation

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