Oasis Password Reset

Oasis Password Resets for Staff & Faculty

Oasis is behind Shib for Brown staff and students.  If external users (faculty members submitting grades and evaluations) and they have forgotten password please email:  oasis@brown.edu

The url is:  https://oasis.med.brown.edu/

Page appear, click:  AMS Students and Staff Login (Shib)

External User Login (contact oasis@brown.edu)

If need an account set up send email to:  oasis@brown.edu

If they cannot remember their username  (external) send email to:  oasis@brown.edu

Question:  One of the calls we received advise us he has never had to enter a password, is there another site for them to review their information without logging onto an account?  Answer: Evaluations sent to individuals through a link do not require a password, but other functions do.  They need to login to an account to access these.   

Turn around time when they send email to:   oasis@brown.edu :  They try to respond within 24 hours.


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