MyPrint-Pickup Service: Student Public printing 2020

For health and safety, self-service student printers are not currently available in Libraries, residence halls, or other campus locations (with one exception: Medical students at the Warren Alpert Medical School can still use public printers in the Med Ed library). 

Students are still able to print on campus, however. Our service is currently limited to printing ahead of time from wherever you are, then visiting our MyPrint Pickup Desk at 180 George Street to collect your prints.  We'll hold your prints up to one business day after you printed them.

All undergraduate, graduate and medical students have received our usual $30 of printing funds at the start of this academic year, and you can add more funds with the GET portal. We also  provide a list of our print costs in our related Help article.

Connect and print your documents in advance

  • To set up and use MyPrint-Pickup printing, connect your device to Brown WiFi if you're on campus, or connect to the Brown VPN if you're not.
  • The best way to set up printers on your own device is to connect to our improved Mobility Print service. This works on both computers and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Choose your platform below for setup information from our print provider, Papercut.
    • When prompted enter your short Brown username and password
    • Add both of the MyPrint-Pickup print queues:
      • MyPrint-Pickup_BW-180George (to print in grayscale for lower cost) and
      • MyPrint-Pickup_Color-180George (to print in color)
    • Connection instructions for:
    • You must have your device connected to Brown WiFi or the Brown VPN every time you want to print
    • Print any number of documents in advance
  • You can also upload most file types to print through our web print service, but this is more effort each time, and is best for printing from a device you don't own or don't print from very often. This method works best on computers, but can work on some mobile devices too. 
    • You must have your device connected to Brown WiFi or the Brown VPN every time you want to print.
    • Login at
    • Click 'Submit a Job'
    • For grayscale prints, choose: ppcutprcit\MyPrint-PickUp_BW-180George (virtual)
    • For color prints, choose: ppcutprcit\MyPrint-PickUp_Color-180George (virtual)
    • Choose how many copies you want
    • Upload your document and 'complete'

Visit our MyPrint Pickup Desk

During service hours, our staff will immediately print and hold your prints for you, and you can pick them up in a batch as your schedule allows. We will hold your prints up to one business day. After that, any unclaimed prints will be recycled.

  • Current service hours
    • 1pm-4pm Monday-Friday
  • Location
  • Wear your mask
  • Bring your Brown ID card

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