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MyPrint FAQ

I swiped my ID at a printer, but I don’t see my document listed. Why?

MyPrint only shows documents sent within the last twenty four hours. If it’s been longer than that, you’ll need to print the document again.


I am ready to use a printer but someone else is still logged in. How can I log them out?

Swipe your ID twice. The first time, they will be logged out, and the second time, you will be logged in.


I forgot to log out of the printer. What should I do?

The printer will automatically log you out if you are inactive for more than 60 seconds. We do recommend logging out using the Log Out button immediately after you use the printer so others who use the printer after you are not able to view your print queue.


Can I scan to an email address other than my own?

By default, MyPrint machines will email scans to your email address. You can simply forward the email to another address if desired.


Do I need to print to a different queue depending on which printer I plan to use?

No - regardless of whether you choose the Black and White or Color queue, you'll be able to pick up your print job at either a black and white or color printer. If you choose the Black and White queue, your print job will come out in black and white at either type of printer.


I forgot my Brown ID. Can I still print?

Yes! You can release a print job online at Log in with your Brown username and password and choose "Jobs Pending Release." You'll be able to choose a printer as well. It will appear at printer automatically, so we do not recommend doing this if you are printing confidential material.

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