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Lock & Unlock your Brown ID card if lost or stolen - Knowledgebase / Accounts and Passwords / Security - OIT Service Center

Lock & Unlock your Brown ID card if lost or stolen

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The Brown ID Card should be protected in the same manner that a credit or debit card would be protected.  Lock your Brown ID card if you think it is lost or stolen, do not wait -- protect yourself and the Brown community.  (If your card swipe is no longer working, you may need a replacement card.  Visit the Brown Card Office.)

Where to Lock Your Card

You can lock and unlock your Brown ID card either via MyAccount (text link in top-right corner) or through the MyBrown portal (select the user icon in top-right to expose option).

What Locking the Card Does

Locking your Brown ID card will deactivate access to all Brown buildings and facilities that require card access with your Brown ID (including libraries, parking lots, etc.). 

What Locking the Card Doesn't Do

Locking your Brown ID card will NOT:  disable use of the ID card for meal plans - it may still be used for admission to Dining Services; disable use of the ID card for all services accepting Bear Bucks including vending machines, laundry services, Bookstore, print/copy services, and transportation.

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