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Learn about Lecture Capture

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Automated lecture capture allows instructors to record their lecture audio, video, and PowerPoint (or other computer program display outputs) in combinations of their choosing. Automated Lecture capture is only available in the rooms on campus listed below. To capture a lecture in a different campus room, please consider the Personal Recording service.

Rooms with Automated Lecture Capture Installations:

  • 85WATR 015 - 85 Waterman Street, Rm 015 (Formerly BERT 015)
  • 85WATR 130 - 85 Waterman Street, Rm 130 (Formerly BERT 130)
  • Barus & Holley 166
  • Barus & Holley 168
  • Barus & Holley 190
  • BioMed 202
  • BioMed 291
  • Foxboro Auditorium
  • Friedman Hall 102
  • List 110
  • List 120
  • Lincoln Field House 120
  • MacMillan 117
  • Maxcy Hall 010
  • Metcalf Auditorium
  • Orwig 315
  • Pembroke 305
  • RI Hall 108
  • Salomon 001
  • Salomon 101
  • SciLi 618
  • Smith-Buonanno 106
  • CIT 165
  • CIT 241
  • CIT 368
  • CIT 477
  • Churchill House - Rites and Reason Theater
  • Faunce - Petteruti Lounge 
  • Granoff Martinos Auditorium
  • Health & Wellness Center Multipurpose Room
  • ICERM lecture hall
  • Joukowsky Forum - Watson Institute
  • Kasper Multipurpose Room
  • Stephen Robert Hall (Watson) Room 101
  • Sydney Frank Hall 318
  • Sydney Frank Hall - Marcuvitz Auditorium
  • Med Ed - 222 Richmond (Rooms 160, 170, 270, 275, 280)
  • School of Public Health 121 S Main Street (Rooms 245, 375, 901)
  • 70 Ship Street (Room 107)
  • 164 Angell Street (Room 335)
  • 225 Dyer (Rooms 465, 475, 480, 565)


Lecture Capture enables faculty to:

  • Automatically create recordings of their instruction for later viewing
  • Create a repository of instructional media to be used in online and blended courses
  • Share their lectures with audiences worldwide.

Getting Started

Faculty can request Lecture Capture for a course using Non-course related lecture capture requests can be submitted using the Media Services Request form.

Information for Students

Processing and posting time of a lecture capture varies with the length and complexity of the captured material. The recordings are usually available within 1-2 hours after the conclusion of the presentation.

Technical Requirements

If you are giving a lecture in one of the rooms listed above, you can request that your lecture be automatically recorded. If you are not in one of these rooms and want to record your lecture, please see the Personal Recording service.

The recording can include lecture audio, video and/or PowerPoint (or other computer program display outputs).  Recordings are automatically processed and available for student viewing via Canvas, iTunes and other distribution channels.  Processing and posting time varies with the length and complexity of the captured material, but are usually available within 6/8 hours after the conclusion of the presentation.

Single lectures, select days, and even entire courses can be scheduled for capture.


Where do I request this service?

Where can I go to learn more about this service?

  • Watch video tutorials and learn more about Lecture Capture through the IT Knowledge Base.

Who should I contact if I need support?

  • Contact  for more information and support

What if my lecture is not in a room listed above?

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