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Learn about Course Email Lists

Course email lists are provided for official Banner courses every semester. The course email list is accessible through Banner. With a single email address, course email lists allows instructors of record to broadcast messages to all students registered for a course. Registration for this list is automatically updated to match course enrollment throughout the semester.

There are two types of email lists available to academic courses: an announcement list to send a message from the instructor of record to registered students, and a discussion list that allows students to respond and broadcast a message to all registered students.

Instructors can also add TAs or other instructors as recipients or senders of email. This email list can be set up as an announcement list where only instructors and TAs can post messages, or as a discussion list where students can also send email to everyone in the class.

Course email address will look similar to this:

Note: The instructor of record must send the initial message from a address to activate the Banner course email list.

In addition to the Banner course email list, learn more about Google Course Groups.

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