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Tecplot Installation Instructions

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  1. Download the Tecplot 360 or RS installer for Windows.
  2. Right-click the downloaded file and select Run as Administrator
  3. Accept the default installation options.
  4. On first launch, a license manager name will be requested. Select Network license server.
    License server name:
    Port number: 5053


This version of Tecplot does not require a product key. Continue through the dialog boxes when a product key is requested, accepting the default options.

When launching Tecplot RS, you may receive a dialog that says “The RSvariables.txt file was not found. Without it, the system will use a set of built-in defaults.” This is normal behavior. 


  1. Download and launch the Tecplot 360 installer for macOS.
  2. Drag the included Tecplot folder to the Applications folder.
  3. You can now launch the software from its folder within Applications, or by finding it in Launchpad or Spotlight.
  4. At the licensing dialog, select Network license server.
    License server name:
    Port number: 5053

If you receive a License Manager Host dialog box, select Launch Tecplot. If you do not want to view this dialog box each time you launch Tecplot, uncheck the Always Show this Dialog checkbox and click on the Launch Tecplot button. 


Note: Tecplot recommends installing as root.

  1. Download Tecplot 360 using the link provided.
  2. (Only if root is not enabled) Open Terminal and enable root user:
    sudo passwd root
    <create a password>
    <verify password>
    sudo passwd -u root
  3. Substitute as root and navigate to the file, then run the install script:
    su root
    <enter root password>
    cd /<filepath>
  4. Read through the license agreement by scrolling with the spacebar, and enter "y" to accept. Then choose your install path or hit enter to install to the default path.
  5. Once the installation is finished, lock the root user, and exit su:
    sudo passwd -l root
  6. Navigate to the install path (default listed):
    cd /usr/local/tecplot360ex/bin
  7. Enter the following command to start TecPlot:
  8. At first launch, you will be prompted to license the software. Click the radio button for “Network license server” and use the following:
    License server name:
    Port number: 5053 
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