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LabVIEW for Faculty & Staff Installation Instructions

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  1. Download the LabVIEW installer.
  2. Right-click the downloaded file and select Run as Administrator.
  3. When the files are finished extracting, a volume license configuration dialog will appear. The fields will be filled in. Click Copy to computer. Click Proceed.
  4. You may receive a prompt to install .NET Framework. Click OK and accept the defaults.
  5. Click Next at the Welcome Screen.
  6. For Destination Directory, accept defaults.
  7. For Features, accept defaults. Product Notifications, accept defaults: I accept the 2 license agreements
  8. And again, I accept the 2 license agreements
  9. Click Next to start the Installation.
  10. IMPORTANT: Click on Decline Support for appropriate device drivers to install.  After install, use this link to install appropriate hardware drivers.
  11. A dialog may appear asking you if you want to participate in the customer experience improvement program.
  12. Choose to install updates automatically.
  13. After the installation ends, be certain to restart.
  14. The National Instruments Update Service may start, indicating there are updates available. It is recommended to install them.
  15. If you launch LabVIEW directly after installation, it may launch in evaluation mode. This is normal. It may take up to 30 minutes for LabVIEW to initially check in with the license manager. You still have full functionality in Eval Mode.
  16. Once LabVIEW initially contacts the License Manager, your application will be fully licensed.
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