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GraphPad Installation Instructions

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Please submit a request to be approved for a GraphPad license before following these directions by clicking on the "submit" link above. These instructions will not work without the activation code you receive from OIT following approval.

Activation Process

  1. Download the installer from these links, depending on your operating system.
    1. Click here for Windows
    2. Click here for Mac
  2. Open the GraphPad Prism application.
  3. Choose the following activation method: "Serial Number (Machine Licenses)"
  4. Enter the following serial number: GPS-1181522-LDQT-A4DE7
  5. Select Next/Continue and a browser window will open to display a form.
  6. Copy the Machine ID that appears populated in the next window.
  7. Locate your Computer Name and copy it as well
    1. Computer Name - Windows
    2. Computer Name - Mac

Please reply to the OIT agent who processed your approval with the Machine ID, Computer name, and the name of the user who will be associated with this license.

NB: This authorization process is only valid for a computer you personally are using. If you need to install GraphPad Prism on shared lab machines, the PI's name should be used for the licenses

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