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Enable Live Automatic Captions

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Brown has enabled a new Zoom feature that allows the meeting host to enable live automatic transcription. Auto transcription turns spoken word into text, in real-time. Please note: this feature does not provide the accuracy that a professional “live captioner” would and auto-generated transcripts may not fulfill the needs of some community members who require captioning as a reasonable accommodation. Use this link to learn more about live captions for accommodation purposes.

Enable Live Automatic Transcription Service

Zoom meeting hosts can enable live ASR transcripts for their meetings. Begin by logging in to the Brown Zoom website, then:

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Click the Meeting tab.

  3. Click In Meeting (Advanced) or scroll down to that section of the settings.

  4. Under Closed Captioning, click the slider to turn on, if necessary, then click Turn on in the pop-up window to confirm. (The slider becomes blue when active.) 

  5. Select the checkbox labeled Enable live transcription service to show the transcript on the side panel in-meeting, then click Save to confirm.



Start Live Transcriptions During a Meeting

To start the Live Transcript service during a meeting, the host should:

  1. The meeting host will click the Live Transcript button in the host control bar.

  2. Under Live Transcript, click Enable Auto-Transcription.

  3. Once Live Transcript has been started:
  • You will see the transcript begin immediately at the bottom of the Zoom meeting video
  • Attendees will be alerted that Live Transcript is available and can click the small up-arrow in the Live Transcript button to select how to display the following options:

  • Show Subtitle
    The transcript will appear as video subtitles at the bottom of the video frame.
  • View Full Transcript
    The transcript will appear in a side-panel Transcript window, and the full transcript to that point may be saved by clicking Save Transcript. Host and attendees can also search the transcript by entering text into the Search transcript field at the top of the window.

Subtitle Settings

Participants can control the appearance of live transcript subtitles. 

Click the small up-arrow in the Live Transcript button, then click Subtitle settings, to change the following:

  • Closed Caption
    Change the transcript text font size by moving the slider to Normal, Medium, or Large.

Transcription for Recorded Meetings

Recording transcription is also enabled for our Brown Zoom account.  Details on that feature can be found here.

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