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DR and Business Criticality Ratings - Knowledgebase / Policy Frequently Asked Questions - OIT Service Center

DR and Business Criticality Ratings

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Disaster Recovery Rating Definitions

1Critical systems whose failure will lead to imminent & severe consequences. (examples: data networks, network authentication, email routing, university web presence, medical records system)2 hours15 min
2Systems that can endure a pause, but ONLY for a short time. (examples: facilities management systems, alumni development systems, research administration systems, student systems, library systems, courseware, reporting systems).24 hours0-15 min
3Reserved for OIT 24 hours0-15 min
4Remaining production systems , protected only with nightly system backups30+ Days24 hours

Business Criticality Definitions

P1Critical 7 x 24 x 365
P2Day Time Critical7 x 12 x 365 6am-6pm 
P3Business Hours Critical5 x 12 x 365 6am-6pm
P4 Extended Day Time Critical7 x 17 5AM - 10PM
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