Create a Brown Dropbox Account

These instructions will set up your Brown Dropbox account. These instructions apply if you are new to Dropbox, or if you already have an account under your Brown email address and simply want to join the Brown team. For an overview of this service, see About Dropbox at Brown.


Text Instructions

  1. Log in to, click Dropbox Account, and Opt In.

  2. Check your Brown email. Click “Join Your Team” in the email from Dropbox

  3. a. If you see a form with your name and email, click Create Account and skip to step 4 of these instructions.

    b. If you see a choice between join Brown and keep my account personal, you already have a Dropbox account with your primary Brown address. Your options are
        -  join Brown with your existing account or
        -  keep your account personal and create a new, blank Brown account (recommended - plus, you can still link your accounts to use both at once / transfer files. However, you will be required to move files from your personal Dropbox account to your Dropbox account in order to access Brown's quota)

    We recommend keeping your account personal if you wish to preserve your account’s quota and contacts after you leave Brown; however, if you already have a paid account and want to automatically cancel your subscription, you may want to join the Brown team.  If you choose this option, you will be asked to provide a personal email address. You'll need to check this personal email and click a confirmation link in order to use your Brown Dropbox account.

  4. To log into the Dropbox website and apps, just enter your Brown email without a password and continue. You’ll be taken to Brown’s single sign on prompt.

    New to Dropbox? Find detailed instructions here: Use Dropbox with a Brown Team Account


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Video Instructions (1:50)


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