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Connect to Departmental File Services on Windows

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If you are off campus, you will need to connect to the Brown VPN and have CrowdStrike installed before following the below instructions.

If you are logged into the Brown domain, your shared drives will automatically be mapped at login, meaning they can be accessed from My Computer. If not, follow these steps to connect to the drive. 

  1. Click the Start Menu, type in "Run" (without quotes), and press enter: 
    • \\\dfs (departmental/personal shares) or
    • \\\research (research shares)
    • \\\home\ (network home folders)
  2. If your computer is not in Active Directory (AD), you will be prompted to enter a username and password. Be certain to enter your username in the format ad\username (e.g., ad\jcarberr).
  3. A list of Departmental file folders will appear in Windows Explorer
  4. Double-click on your Departmental folder name.
  5. Download files to your local computer simply by dragging the file you need to your Desktop (or other local location). You may edit the file and upload it to CIS File Services for storage and sharing.  
  6. You may create a desktop shortcut to your Departmental file share by right-clicking on the share and selecting “create shortcut” from the quick menu. A dialog will appear notifying you that you cannot create a shortcut in this location, but the shortcut may be placed on the desktop. Click Yes.


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